How To Start Up Your Own Fantasy Golf League

As a golfer, you want to experience as much joy from your preferred sport as possible. However, did you know that fantasy golf is actually a real thing? That's right, it totally exists! Fantasy golf is an exciting and fun way to stay updated on the latest golf news while competing for cash with your golf buddies. Follow these steps to start your own fantasy golf league.

Choosing a Name

A golf fantasy league name should be something amusing to everyone and should reflect the personality of your group. For example, if you guys like nothing more than a little dirty humor, you could call yourself something like "Fore Play" or "Tiger's Wood."

If you're not into that kind of humor, try to use harmless golf term wordplay. For example, you could call yourselves the "Sand Traps," the "Birdies in the Sky," or "Shooting Down Bogeys." The list of fun fantasy golf team names is potentially endless, so use your imagination.

Designing a Logo

Find somebody in your group with some visual arts skills and have them design a logo for your team. Generally speaking, a good fantasy golf team logo should be relatively simple yet eye-catching. Although focused more on business logo concepts, these golf logo design ideas should still suit your fantasy league logo design:

  • A Single-Color Background
  • The Name of the Group Centered in the Display Area
  • A Simple Graphic of Golfing Equipment

If your league has a favorite professional player, you could also integrate a photo of them into the design. That will give your league a more personalized identity.

Drafting Players

Once your league is in order, you need to find a way to create teams of your favorite golfers. Each league member will create their own team of six professional golfers. However, deciding on drafting order and creating a list of potential draftees is a complex process that can take hours of hard work.

Thankfully, there are fantasy golf websites that streamline the process for you. These sites will automatically create a list of eligible golfers, a drafting list for your league, and help you keep track of scored points. Many let you set up your own point scoring system as well.

Scoring Points

Creating a fantasy golf scoring system is actually a lot easier than making one for sports like football or baseball. After all, those sports have dozens of obscure stats that must be tracked and scored. However, golf is a much simpler sport and requires points for only the following categories:

  • Hole-in-ones
  • Eagles
  • Birdies
  • Pars
  • Bogeys
  • Double Bogeys
  • Missed Cuts

Naturally, hole-in-ones should be rewarded with the most points. However, items like bogeys, double bogeys, and missed cuts should be worth negative points. Missed cuts should be an equal amount of negative points to hole-in-one positive points.

Now, when you and your buddies hit the links, you'll be competing not only on the course, but online as well. This will add a whole new depth to your competitive relationship that you simply can't get any other way. To enjoy a game of real golf, consider visiting a course such as the Beaver Creek Golf Course.