Three Tips To Help You Pack Efficiently For Your Next Golf Vacation

There's no better time of the year than the summer to pack up your golf clubs and hit the road for a golf-focused vacation. While assembling your clubs and making you've got enough balls and tees might be your chief concern, don't skimp on carefully packing your golf apparel. The right clothing can drastically improve your enjoyment on the links, but you don't want to pack so heavily that your luggage is a hassle to transport around with you. It's possible to pack efficiently and still feel as though you have everything you need for your trip. Here are three tips to get you started.

Go With Microfiber

Golf apparel is made from a wide variety of materials, but those that are microfiber are comfortable and lightweight to wear. Their lightweight nature has a packing benefit, too -- these clothes don't take up very much space in your luggage, and they also don't typically wrinkle much. Microfiber shirts, shorts and golf pants can all be placed in a small suitcase with room to spare. Microfiber clothing dries quickly, which means it won't stay sweaty and uncomfortable throughout your round. Additionally, if you need to wash an item in the hotel sink or shower, it will dry overnight while hung in the room.

Don't Forget Rain Gear

Too many golfers skimp on carrying adequate rain gear while they're traveling and can end up being uncomfortable during inclement weather. Always pack proper rain gear, which should include rain-resistant pants and a pullover and some extra socks. If you use a hefty golf bag, you can often fit your rain gear in one of the bag's pockets, which helps you avoid having to overcrowd your suitcase. Think of what you need to stay comfortable after a day in the rain -- although you don't want to pack excessively, throwing in an extra pair of underwear, for example, allows you to stay warm and dry after several hours in the rain.

Roll To Save Space

Place all your desired clothing items on your bed, pick the right suitcase for the job and instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Rolling is an effective way to save precious packing space and typically leaves your clothes free of the wrinkles and creases that folding can cause. Rolled shirts, pants, shorts and even underwear take up less space than when folded, which can be the difference in having to take a heavy, bulky suitcase and one that's easier to manage.