Minimizing The Inconvenience Of An Unexpected Bicycle Repair

The joy of riding a bicycle is abruptly interrupted if a mechanical problem happens to suddenly occur. By carrying along a few basic items, a bicycle rider can usually perform a necessary repair and resume the journey.

Some of the most satisfying bike rides are likely to take you several miles away from your starting point. Although the chances of an unexpected breakdown are slight, planning in advance can minimize the time and effort necessary to perform a repair. Obviously, only small lightweight items can be carried along.

A carrying pouch

A wide variety of small bags and pouches are available that will help transport small items along on bike rides. The carrying bags are designed to snugly fit against your bicycle frame. A typical bag is likely to include straps that wrap around one or two points on the frame. You are rather limited as to how much you can carry, but you can plan for the specific problems that are most likely to occur.

Latex gloves for handling the chain

Whenever you are not on a level road surface, you are likely to be shifting gears regularly. A bicycle chain may occasionally slip completely off the gear sprocket in response to overly forceful shifting. Returning a chain to the gear sprocket is fairly simple but potentially messy. A pair of thin latex gloves is all you need to avoid directly handling the greasy chain.

Tools for changing a flat tire

A flat tire is usually the result of a punctured tube inside the tire. Many bikes have quick-release wheels that can be removed from the frame after simply turning a release lever. If the axles of your wheels are bolted to the frame, you will need to carry along an appropriate wrench to remove the wheel.

Some riders carry a spare tube to quickly replace a punctured tube. Another repair method is to cover the puncture with an adhesive patch. Bike shops carry a variety of small patch kits that can be easily carried along on rides. After the repair, a portable tire pump is needed to inflate the tire. Most bicycle pumps mount to the bicycle frame when the pump is not in use.

The emergency repair items can potentially benefit other riders if you are out on a group ride. Additional cyclists that you encounter along your route may also be several miles from their starting points. For any rider, the availability of bike repair items at a time of need can help ensure that their ride is resumed. Contact a bicycle shop, such as Sarasota Cyclery Inc, for further information about bike repairs.