Why You Should Go With Re-Manufactured Ammunition Instead Of Reloaded Ammunition

When it comes to purchasing ammunition that contains used parts, there are two main types. You might see ammunition that is labeled as "re-manufactured" and also ammunition that is labeled as "re-loaded". There are some similarities between these two ammunition types, but re-manufactured ammunition has some differences that might make it the superior choice for most shooters. Here's why you might want to contact your local gun store or any other ammunition supplier to discuss remanufactured 223 gun ammunition or other remanufactured ammo for the gun of your choice.

Casings Can Be Collected and Re-Used After a Bullet Is Fired

Every time you fire a bullet from your gun, the bullet is launched from its casing. These casings will fall to the ground after the bullet leaves and can be picked up after you are done shooting, provided you can find them. Collected casings can then be re-used or essentially recycled when producing more ammunition. Any bullet or ammo that re-uses a casing that's already been fired is considered to be either re-manufactured or re-loaded. Both of these types of ammo use all brand new parts otherwise with only the casing being considered used.

It Is Produced to Exact Specifications on Commercial Grade Equipment

If both re-manufactured and re-loaded ammo use old casings, then what is the difference between them? Ammo designated as re-manufactured is produced on commercial-grade equipment by an experienced ammunition manufacturer. This technically used ammo is created on the same type of equipment that the manufacturer uses to create its brand new bullets (with brand new casings). Re-loaded ammo, on the other hand, may not be assembled with commercial-grade equipment or the same quality controls that a commercial ammo manufacturer will use to ensure it's making the best possible product. 

Re-manufactured ammo should have the same measurements, weight or other specifications as the completely brand new ammo of that type that is made on the same assembly line. With re-loaded ammo, that's not always true and there can be more variation from bullet to bullet.

Re-Manufactured Ammo Offers Better Peace of Mind

Re-manufactured ammo is preferred by a lot of gun enthusiasts who seek out ammo with used casings because it does offer the benefit of being cheaper than buying brand new, but it also offers better peace of mind because of the strict standards that are followed during production. You can shoot this ammo and expect it to behave the same as brand new ammo because the specifications should be the same.