Important Attributes For A Gymnastics Balance Beam

A balance beam is one of the most common gymnastics apparatuses, and often serves as the first piece of equipment a young gymnast will use. If you're setting up a gymnastics program for kids at a local gym or community facility, you'll certainly want to have at least one balance beam for your students to use. Visit the website of a gymnastics equipment supplier, as it will carry a large selection of balance beams. While the price of the beam in relation to your equipment budget is important to consider, you should also ensure that this device offers several important attributes. Here are three examples.


Some gymnastics balance beams are fixed in one position, while others are adjustable. In general, choosing a device that is adjustable is a good idea. You'll be able to easily raise or lower it based on the age and experience level of your young gymnasts. For example, if you have extremely young children who are exploring gymnastics for the first time, you'll want to position the beam as close to the floor as possible so that it feels less daunting. As your gymnasts get older and gain more experience, you can raise its height accordingly.

Suede Cover

The cover of a balance beam can be made of a few different materials. Lower-end beams may have vinyl covers, for example. It's ideal if you choose a balance beam that has a suede cover. This is a higher-quality material that will cost a little more, but provides better traction beneath the feet of your gymnasts than vinyl. Additionally, suede is thick and durable, which offers a significant amount of longevity. You won't have to worry about this material sustaining cracks or tears in the same way as vinyl.

Heavy Weight

You'll see a lot of balance beams that have non-slip feet, and while this feature is important, you should also consider the overall weight of the device. A lightweight balance beam may move beneath one of your gymnasts, even if it has non-slip features. You want the beam to remain perfectly stationary during gymnastics routines, and a heavy weight will ensure that this is the case. You want the legs and feet beneath the balance beam to be made of thick steel, as it will offer the heavy weight that you need.

To browse a selection of balance beams, visit the website of a gymnastics equipment supplier — for instance, Team Sports.