Why Tall Socks Are A Good Idea If You're A Skateboarder

For skateboarders, buying clothing is all about finding garments that serve a dual purpose. Of course, you want to look your best and authentically represent yourself in the skateboarding crowd. But, you also want to choose garments that will protect your body. While traditional safety gear, such as a helmet and kneepads, are effective for keeping you safe, you shouldn't disregard the value of the right garments, too. When you're looking for Thrasher socks to buy, you might immediately gravitate toward short socks. Here are some reasons that taller socks are a good idea.

Ankle Protection

Tall socks won't protect you from broken bones, but they can be a valuable ally in preventing road rash. Virtually every skateboarder will have a wipeout at some point, and your ankles can often slide on the asphalt or concrete and get scuffed up. Instead of enduring abrasions that leave you in pain and perhaps even prevent you from skateboarding for a while, you can stay safer in the event of a crash with tall socks. They'll provide just enough protection to keep your ankles from getting scraped.

Sun Protection

Before you go out for a day of skateboarding on a hot summer day, you might take a few minutes to apply sunscreen. Most people think about putting this product on their arms, neck, and face, but may neglect to cover other places. Without sunscreen on your legs, they can definitely burn — and burns on your calves can be especially uncomfortable. You may find that the discomfort keeps you off your skateboard until the pain alleviates. Tall socks will provide some protection against the sun, keeping the risk of a painful sunburn to your legs low.

Complement Of Your Outfit

If you're someone who wants to always wear the skateboarding brands that you like, you might have a hat, T-shirt or hoodie, pants, and a variety of accessories of your favorite brand. Adding branded tall socks to the mix can also be a good idea. Thrasher socks are available in many different designs, and will send a clear message to any other skateboarders with whom you gather that you favor this brand. For example, you can get tall socks with the brand name up the sides of the socks in several different styles. Look for Thrasher accessories at your local skateboarding shop, or browse the internet to find suitable products — including socks — from online retailers.

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