Archery Targets: Which One Should I Get?

Whether you are trying to find an archery shooting range to practice at or set one up on your own, there is so much to know about the different types of range targets. 

Bag Targets

Most bag targets have a synthetic fiber filling that is strong enough to hold the bag taunt while you are practicing, and yet soft enough to release your arrow without damaging it. If you are setting up your own archery range you will need to take special care of any bag targets you have lying around. If not properly cared for they can get damaged by rain or other moisture, causing them to deteriorate quickly. 

Game Targets

Everyone knows that archery and fun mix well. There are many different types of targets that you can get that can be used as games while you practice. For example, there are several paper targets that have a full deck of cards on them. These targets can easily be used to play a poker game with another archer. You each take turns shooting until both have taken five shots. Whoever has shot the better hand wins. A game like this (or any of the many variations that you may choose to play) is an excellent way to practice your precision shooting in a fun and exciting way.

Lifelike Targets

Targets that look like what you will actually be shooting are extremely useful to work on the placement of your arrows. Some of these 3D targets even have point values labeled on each part of the animal so that if you want to make it a real challenge you can shoot alongside someone else, with both people attempting to get the best score possible. Shooting alongside someone else can help to create a more realistic environment since you will likely be stressed when faced with your actual prey. It is important to push yourself while practicing in order to truly prepare for real life experiences. 

In conclusion, no matter what you are trying to practice while at the range, there is a specific target that can help you improve your skills. Practicing on still targets can greatly help you to improve your overall shooting ability, while still giving you an enjoyable experience in the process. Whether you are going to a range or creating one at home, make sure that you are practicing good skills in order to really improve.