Minimizing The Inconvenience Of An Unexpected Bicycle Repair

The joy of riding a bicycle is abruptly interrupted if a mechanical problem happens to suddenly occur. By carrying along a few basic items, a bicycle rider can usually perform a necessary repair and resume the journey. Some of the most satisfying bike rides are likely to take you several miles away from your starting point. Although the chances of an unexpected breakdown are slight, planning in advance can minimize the time and effort necessary to perform a repair. [Read More]

Combine Your Commute So Your Can Bike To Work -- Regardless Of The Distance

Do you dream of skipping the downtown traffic to instead commute by bicycle through the trails or parks of the city, but you simply live too far from the office to make this a reality? The solution may be to combine commuting methods. This can keep you from having to drive in the city and giving you the benefit of regular daily exercise. You will even save on fuel costs and wear-and-tear to your vehicle. [Read More]

Why Kindness, Not Criticism, Will Help Your Young Gymnasts Succeed

Being a gymnast coach for children and teens is hard work. You've gone through your own struggles to become a great gymnast and you want to pass on your skills. But you have a hard time expressing motivation without being mean. However, you need to, because kindness, rather than harsh criticism, is crucial to a successful young gymnast. It's Psychologically Backed You may remember your gymnastics coach yelling harsh and derogatory terms at you when you struggled. [Read More]